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Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

While you are at our website, your browser may create a lot of data, information and cookies which may be retained by our system. Once in our system, how we manage and applies your data is important from our point of view which is explained below:

We Will Not Disclose your Data without Your Prior Approval:

We assure you that we your personal data, collected while you are visiting our website, will never be handed over to third parties for the illegal usage. Though, the complete data is collected on our behalf by some of the globally recognized data management and collecting services (who are bound by their own data management and application Privacy Policies).

Data Collection and Distribution Policy:

We manage and control some of data as per the globally recognized principles and practices but purely for our own purposes. We will never sell your data for any other commercial purpose without your prior approval.

Copyrighted Matter and Trade Marks:

Whole the written data at our website is copy righted and is the property of our esteemed company. It cannot be copied without our prior approval.

In addition to that, our trademarks and logos are also our registered assets and cannot be copies or used without our prior application and without our prior written approval.

Consent and Inquiries:

If you are willing to access and acquire information, available at our website, you must accept the terms and conditions, mentioned in our Privacy Policy. If you don’t want to accept any of these terms, leave this website.

Cease of Processing of Personal Information:

If you have any queries or concerns about our privacy policy, our collection of data or its application by our system, you may contact our personnel department by applying the contact form placed at our contact page. If you decide to cease processing of your personal information, collected at our system, please send us email and write “unsubscribe” as the heading and we will cease collecting and processing your information at our end.

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